The Foundation's Health Funds support the Paso del Norte Health Foundation as it promotes health and prevents disease in the region.  Donors can make contributions generally to the Health Fund, establish a Named Fund with a gift or pledge of $5,000 or more, and designate gift(s) to support one or more of the Health Foundation’s priority areas: Healthy Eating Active Living; Mental Health/Emotional Well-being; Healthy Relationships; Tobacco and Alcohol Prevention; and Health Leadership.

The Foundation is pleased to welcome the following Health Funds.

Dr. Elizabeth Postlewaite Abbott Fund for Mental Health
Robert and Sandra Sanchez Almanzan Fund
Robert and Gloria Ash Fund
Myrna and Ray Deckert Fund for Health Leadership
Cindy Foster Lyons & Guy N. Fields III Fund
Allan and Amy Goldfarb Fund
Bob and Rose Ann Hoy, Jr. Fund for Health Leadership
Woody and Gayle Hunt Fund
Steve and Ann Lauterbach Fund
Richard and Susan Moore Fund
Carolyn Mora Fund
Drs. Susana Navarro & Arturo Pacheco Fund
Robert E. and Jacqueline Skov Fund
The Peter Cavanaugh Trust

                Suicide Prevention Coalition Fund