Bowie Jardín, Cocina y Mercado Fund hosted an appreciation lunch for donors. Guests were treated to a meal prepared by Chef Christopher Puga and the students participating in the culinary arts program at Bowie High School.

Invitees included donors and volunteers who helped develop a community garden at the school’s campus as well as members of El Paso Independent School District board of directors. Volunteer Eliot Shapleigh and Bowie High School, principal Francisco Ordaz shared several accomplishments over the past four years:

• Bowie High School staff developed and implemented a curriculum incorporating agricultural engineering, business development, culinary arts and sales & marketing,

• A scholarship fund for graduating seniors was established using the proceeds from the sale of the produce,

• A food truck was secured in 2017 to help students sell produce and food items prepared using vegetables harvested from the garden,

• Bowie High School launched the Culinary Academy to develop world-class chefs,

• Bowie High School has established relationships with a core group of clients that purchase the produce from the garden because of the high quality and great service.


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