The Rosales Family established the Willie Sanchez Rosales Memorial Fund to support the administrative and programmatic needs of the Willie Sanchez Rosales Family Center and the Opportunity Center for the Homeless. The Rosales Family announced the establishment of the Fund during the inauguration ceremony for the Center held on April 2.

In response to the growing number of homeless families in our community, the Opportunity Center developed plans for a new family shelter located at 510 S. Oregon Street. The Willie Sanchez Rosales Family Center will house close to 20 families per year, connect them with supportive services and assist in their efforts to transition out of homelessness.

“A unique aspect of this project is that it will allow all family members to be housed together. While other local shelter facilities often separate families if there is a father or male over the age of 12 years of age, it is our belief that keeping the family unit intact is an added relief to families already struggling with the challenges of homelessness,” explained John Martin, development director for the Opportunity Center.

The El Paso Coalition for the Homeless identifies an estimated 1,400 men, women, and youth/children seeking shelter and services every night. Many of those seeking assistance are single or dual-parent families with no place to go. With the current shelter system stretched to the limit and unable to meet the needs of this growing population, it is clear that a new program to serve homeless families is essential.