To inspire, grow and support charitable giving in the Paso del Norte region.

To support the philanthropic goals of individuals, corporations, foundations and nonprofit organizations to improve health, education, economic development and quality of life in the Paso del Norte region.

The Foundation is committed to its core values of:

    • Leadership - To provide excellence in governance, management and customer service

    • Support -To be a trusted and valued resource for individuals, families, corporations, foundations and community organizations.

    • Integrity - To consistently live by and promote the values and guiding principles of the organization.

    • Transparency - To timely and responsibly share information with donors, stakeholders and the broader community.

    • Accountability - To be open, honest and responsible for the actions and outcomes related to the administration and governance of the organization.

    • Stewardship - To minimize overhead and maximize return on investment of the resources in our care.

    • Transformation - To make gifts that contribute to positive social change.